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My name is André Legris and I own Eridani Digital, a digital company which focuses on creating content-rich niche websites about data analytics, environmental science, and building online businesses.

I have had a professional life that has been as rewarding as it has been unusual. 

I started my career as a wildlife biologist, specializing in the population biology of waterfowl and the ecology of neotropical songbirds.

After a few years this morphed into working as an environmental scientist, specializing in landscape evaluations with expertise in soil science, botany, ecosite analysis and climatology.

After almost two decades of scientific excursions through landscapes as varied as wetlands, prairies, old growth forests and the arctic, my career took a definite turn when I became a university lecturer, teaching a variety of courses in environmental science, human geography and statistics.

Five years later, my career veered off into a very different field: municipal planning. I was a municipal planner for several towns, rural counties, and industrial areas in western Canada.

Now I’m on career number five as a web designer and writer, producing websites about data science, the environment, and a few other topics that pique my interest. Plus lots of writing and editing work.

I was born and raised in Alberta but have lived in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, the United States and France. Currently I live in on Vancouver Island; I’m pretty happy about that.

For more information, please visit my personal site, which you can find here.