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Eridani Digital
Content Creation | Niche Websites | Online Business

Eridani Digital is a website design company specializing in authoritative, content-rich niche websites comprised of written articles, ebooks and digital products.

Current websites created by Eridani Digital include:

Birding World

Birdwatching has quetly become one of the most popular pasttimes in North America. This website will introduce you to the world of birds, birdwatching and the incredible community of birders throughout the world.

Visit Victoria

Victoria B.C. was named by Conde Naste Travel as the world’s best city in 2023. Victoria is a truly beautiful city set in a spectacular setting between the mountains and the sea, the kind of place that has something for everyone.

Epic Geography

Geography is a way of exploring the amazing world around us. This website will show you the diverse array of places, things and people that create this amazing place we call Earth. 

Digital Ventures Online

There has never been a better time to build an online business than now. With everyone connected on social media and with the incredible array of easy-to-use digital tools at your disposal, creating a viable online business is an option for anyone.

Notion Nerd

Notion is a versatile app which can be used to organize just about any aspect of your life; from note taking to tasks, calendars, and project management it’s an all-in-one workspace. We’ll show you how to best use this app to manage your digital life.

Elevate Data

Data analytics is an increasingly important tool for making sense of the torrent of information generated by the internet every day. Elevate Data shows you how to collect data, analyze it, and make it meaningful through the use of data visualizations.

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